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Admission Criteria

The Admissions Criteria for our school are reviewed annually and are currently as listed below. These criteria are applied in the order they are set out.

(i) Children of compulsory school age who have brothers/sisters, half brothers/sisters enrolled at the school during the 2015/2016 school year.

(ii) Children of compulsory school age for whom this is the nearest controlled school.

(iii) Children of compulsory school age whose parent is, or is about to become, a member of the permanent teaching staff of the school.

(iv) Children of compulsory school age, regarded by the Board of Governors, on the basis of written or other medical evidence supplied by parents or other agencies, to have special social, medical or security reasons for attending the school.

(v) Children of compulsory school age who have family connections with the school (considered in the following order):-

(i) Children whose older brother/sister attended the school

(ii) Children whose mother/father attended the school

(vi) Other children of compulsory school age

Where there are more applicants than there are places available for the last criterion which can be applied, selection will be on the basis of distance from the school, as measured by the shortest road route.

Application forms for Year 1 will be available from the school office in November. The deadline for these to be returned to the school office is usually early January. This date will be published once it is set by the EA.

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