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Board Of Governors

Our Board of Governors comprises of Transferor representatives, Education Authority representatives, parent representatives and a teacher representative. The School Principal acts as secretary. The four-year term of office began in September 2014.

Transferors’ Representatives:

Canon R Clarke (Chairman)

Mrs A Hamill

Mr W D Reilly

Rev J Cowan

Education Authority Representatives:

Mr J Gilmour (Vice Chairman)

Mr M Beattie

Parents’ Representatives:

Mr R Loughhlin 

Mrs L Armstrong

Teacher Representative:

Mrs W Irwin


Mr K Sterritt (Non voting member of the Board)

Currently the Board of Governors has one vacancy which will be filled shortly.

The Board of Governors meet regarding their responsibilities for:

  1. The Delivery of the Northern Ireland Curriculum

  2. Management of staff and staff appointments

  3. Admissions Policy and Open Enrolment

  4. Self Evaluation and School Development Planning

  5. Policy Review and implementation

  6. Budget/Finance Management

  7. Management of premises and facilities

  8. Responding to Department of Education and EA Initiatives

  9. Reporting to Parents

Our annual Board of Governors Report which outlines the main events of 2016/2017 is available for you to view.

Board Of Governors Report

Chairman of Gibson Primary School Board of Governors