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Key Worker Childcare

19th Mar 2020

Dear parent

This evening, the Minister for Education outlined how schools will go about supporting key workers in the ongoing fight against Coronavirus from Monday 23rd March.

We aim to help parents who are critical in the fight against Covid-19. In order to support them it is vitally important that we are aware how many children of key workers will be attending school on Monday morning.

With this in mind, if you are an identified key worker, please make contact with me by 3pm on Friday 20th March via phone (02882244552) email; (, or private message.

Please remember we will not be able to operate a ‘normal’ school day. We are already operating with a significant reduction in staffing which may get worse over time.

Please note this is aimed directly at
• children with BOTH parents working as key workers, and both parents out at work at the same time (in single parent families, the individual parent MUST be a key worker.)

If possible, alternative childcare arrangements should be sought before deciding to send your child to school in order to try and limit the number of children and adults together in a small space in line with recent social distancing guidance. We will also be limited to normal opening and closing time i.e. 9am – 3pm

Please be advised that we will be performing childcare duties, rather than teaching due to the current situation.

This is only open to Gibson pupils and we ask that you pay attention to the points outlined above before deciding to send your child to school.

We endeavour to assist those key workers who urgently need this service. Please contact me if you will require us to look after your child/children in order to support you in your important role.